Debunking The Test Driving Myth

I’m pretty sure we’ve all heard it before. Why buy a car if you haven’t test driven it? I’ve heard this analogy countless times during my celibacy journey prior to marriage. This question is particularly used to justify pre-marital relations. Why should a person make such a huge commitment without becoming familiar with his or her investment? Test driving a car allows a person to preview their future. However, comparing this subject to a human being (a connection designated for marriage by God) is a terrible mistake. People aren’t cars; they’re human beings. 

Previewing your future spouse’s sexual skills in advance isn’t a requirement for a successful marriage. However, committing yourselves wholeheartedly to the Lord is a definite necessity. If God intended for man and woman to partake in sexual activities before marriage, it would be written in his word. The requirements for a successful marriage are plainly written in the Bible. Unmarried couples should refer to biblical scripture for guidance prior to holy matrimony. Ephesians 5:22-33 provides an excellent description of what a godly marriage entails. Submission, love, and respect are amongst a few meaningful topics mentioned in these passages. God gives his children specific instructions for life. The Bible is an excellent source to obtain knowledge regarding marriage and its prerequisites. Walking into a car dealership and “test driving” an expensive car before you purchase it is very wise, but this scenario shouldn’t be compared to a person. Allow the Lord to do the “test driving” for you.

The next time a person mentions test driving a human in reference to premarital sex, just laugh. Laughing will immediately let them know you don’t take them seriously, and you refuse to conform to worldly views. Usually when someone mentions this analogy, they are attempting to “test” your loyalty to God and tempt you to give into his or her demands. But, don’t fall for it. Always remember, while sex is important in marriage, it’s not the glue that holds it together. God holds it together. So, keep holding your standards high, and refrain from sexual intercourse until your time for holy matrimony has arrived. Leave the test driving to new car buyers.

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