What is Microcheating?

Believe it or not, many people still do not have a clear understanding of the definition cheating. Unfaithfulness arrives in many forms. Our society has become insensitive and accepting of inappropriate behaviors in relationships. This insensitivity and lack of respect is primarily due to a shift in societal values and easy access. So, what is easy access? Plain and simple; the internet. More specifically, social media. Cell phones, and other modern conveniences can also be included among these influences for microcheating (i.e texting). But social media is where more of the “seemingly innocent” flirting takes place.

The most basic rule one can follow to ensure he or she is being faithful to his or her significant other, is to agree to not do or say anything one wouldn’t do in front of his or her mate. If you wouldn’t DM your ex-girlfriend a particular message in the presence of your spouse, you shouldn’t be doing it. If your girlfriend/boyfriend wouldn’t be accepting of you frequently flirting with other people in the comments section of their photos, you shouldn’t be doing it. If you’re developing an emotional connection with another person via social media (or via any other means for that matter) it’s still considered cheating. If your spouse or significant other wouldn’t approve, or if you feel reluctant to perform certain acts in his or her presence … IT’S CHEATING. Plain and simple, if you have to hide anything at all or wouldn’t allow your mate to witness your actions with another individual, you’re being unfaithful.

Microcheating can lead to “macrocheating” which is the more observable form of cheating most people recognize. Though both microcheating and macrocheating are unacceptable, macrocheating is usually the most catastrophic. Macrocheating includes things such as sexual affairs, dating people outside of your relationship, and inappropriate telephone conversations. The list for macrocheating is quite long, but you get the picture. Microcheating opens the door for more invasive and inappropriate activity to occur. One may perceive their actions to be innocent. However, he or she is setting themselves up to potentially ruin his or her relationship

Always remember to respect your significant other, and refrain performing activities he or she would disapprove of. More importantly, focus on the love and blessings of your current relationship, and cherish the person in front of you. Don’t go looking for fulfillment elsewhere. If you have to search for other means to fulfill your relationship needs, maybe you’re not with the right person. Quite frankly, maybe you’re just not ready to be in a committed relationship. Stay single.

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