Why I Decided to Become a Matchmaker

After years and years of being the “go-to friend” for all my single friends for relationship advice and potential love connections, I’ve finally decided to officially put a stamp on my fun trade and turn it into something marvelous. That’s right. I’m a professional matchmaker. I pair single clients with other compatible individuals and curate dates for one of the biggest matchmaking companies in the nation, Tawkify.

So before you start asking questions…yes, being a professional matchmaker is a true profession. If you’ve ever watched the “Millionaire Matchmaker” on Bravo, you know the job is no easy task. It’s quite challenging actually. Matching singles is a lot harder than it looks. After all, you’re directly involved in helping people find love and potential life partners. Therefore, people want the very best and expect you to deliver everything they desire in a mate, even if it’s unrealistic. As a matchmaker, clients expect you to do everything they’re unable to do; find the perfect match.

However difficult it may be, matchmaking has been my dream job for many years and the opportunity to pursue my dreams finally presented itself. So, why not take a leap into the wonderful world of matchmaking and put my pairing skills to good use? The love industry and dating culture has always fascinated me. So much so, I’ve even published books on the subject. My second book You Deserve the World is all about helping women realize their worth and to never settle for less. It offers great dating advice, tips for finding “the one” and discusses the most common relationship red flags women tend to ignore. In addition, it reveals research data collected from men of various backgrounds (i.e. married, single, divorced).

All in all, my reasons for becoming a professional matchmaker truly come from a good place; to help others find love. I understand not everyone is open to matchmaking or meant to find love from professional pairing. But for those destined to find their mate via a matchmaker, I am happy to be a part of that process.

For my readers who are interested in learning more, please visit the matchmaking section of Laurenloveslove.com and fill out the mini application. I will respond promptly.

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