7 Topics to Avoid on First Dates

Most singles can agree that first dates are very exciting, but at the same time nerve racking. Knowing what to discuss can be very challenging. Not only are you being judged by your physical appearance, your character is also under the spotlight. If you accidentally say the wrong thing or reveal too much information too soon, your date may misjudge you or become instantly turned off. The entire date can be ruined just from simply mentioning the wrong subject.

Here’s 7 Topics to Avoid on First Dates:

1. Ex-Significant Others. Mentioning past boyfriends or girlfriends is an all-around bad idea. Old flames should never be the topic of conversation. Nobody wants to hear about how your ex-lover cheated on you or left you for another person. Especially on the first date. This is definitely a sign one may not be over the situation, or he or she may be scarred. Even if this isn’t the case, it certainly will appear to be. A person still carrying heavy baggage from a previous relationship is a red flag.

2. Past Mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. Especially in relationships. But, a first date is not the time to express regrets. A person that doesn’t know you well may inaccurately judge your character by the past mistake and be leery of moving forward. For instance, if a guy mentions he’s a recovering sexaholic with regrets of hurting so many people, his date may become overly concerned with his previous life and be turned off. Therefore, one should always wait to discuss mistakes of the past. First dates should be fun and light. Not heavy and draining.

3. Finances. The topic of income and where a person stands financially is without a doubt important. However, not on a first date. On a future date, yes. But discussing income, credit standing, or wealth the very first time you meet someone is a no-no. Again, it can be very easy for a person to misjudge your character on a first date. Therefore, super personal topics should be avoided. Save it for later.

4. Current Dating Life. Never discuss the current state of your dating life on a first date. One should never allow his/her date to know the details of what’s going on behind the scenes prematurely. Whether you’re dating multiple people or not dating anyone at all, don’t dish the dirt quite yet. Wait a while, and observe which direction the two of you will go. All your date needs to know is if you are single or in a committed relationship. That’s it.

5. Politics. Politics are a sure way to get things stirred up on a first date. Especially with all the political turmoil we currently have in America. Briefly mentioning your political party affiliation may be appropriate. However, indulging in a deep conversation about the judicial system, racism and abortion may not be the best topics for an initial meeting. Hopefully, you’ll be on the same page with your date. But if not, it could turn out terribly. Let your date get to know you first so when the topic comes up, he or she won’t be so quick to miscalculate or misunderstand you.

6. Low Self Esteem Issues. Don’t be a Debbie Downer or a Sad Sammy on a first date. If you’re suffering from low self-esteem try your hardest not to display it. Try to show enthusiasm about your date and enjoy the experience. Though you may be self-conscious and feel slightly uncomfortable, your date may think you’re absolutely wonderful. Don’t complain too much about your appearance or how undeserving you feel because your date may pick up on the negative vibes (which can be a turn-off). Just relax, think happy thoughts, and remember how awesome you are!

7. Anything Negative. Some people are just so negative. They’ll complain about the restaurant food, parking, the weather…you name it, it’s a complaint. Try to steer away from complaining altogether. It’s a bad first impression to give someone. In fact, many second dates fail to occur because of the negativity present from the first one. Negative people are draining and unpleasant to be around. Unless you’re purposefully attempting to ruin a date, refrain from being negative as much as possible.

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