How It Works

“They did a great job of assessing what I look for.”

Hiring a professional matchmaker saves time and increases the success rate of compatibility with a potential match. Identifying mutual compatibility in critical areas such as religion, children, and life goals helps filter out bad candidates in advance, and increases the likelihood of obtaining an accurate pairing.

Step 1

Fill out your dating profile and schedule a matchmaking video consultation with your matchmaker. We’ll have an in-depth conversation of your preferences and discuss a plan of action.

Step 2

The search and vetting process begins. All potential candidates are video screened and go through a detailed vetting process. Your matchmaker will ensure the candidate meets your top priorities.

Step 3

Meet your candidate on a matchmaker curated date. Afterwards both parties will provide date feedback to your matchmaker. In addition, a feedback call will be scheduled to further discuss the match.

I felt my matchmaker sincerely cared and wanted me to find love! She believed in me more than I did! I learned I have to get out of my own way….


Let’s make something beautiful together.